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Gugun Blues Shelter @ Jakarta Indie Music Festival 2014

Zasmi Arel_IMG_4650-2

Gugun Blues Shelter (GBS) live performance pada event Jakarta Indie Music Festival (JIM-FEST) 2014 yang berlangsung di Taman Fatahillah, Kota Tua, Jakarta, 19 Oktober 2014.

Zasmi Arel_IMG_4510-2

Zasmi Arel_IMG_4528-2

Zasmi Arel_IMG_4545-2

Zasmi Arel_IMG_4555-2

Zasmi Arel_IMG_4641-2

Zasmi Arel_IMG_4531-2

Zasmi Arel_IMG_4547-2

Zasmi Arel_IMG_4535-2

Zasmi Arel_IMG_4536-2

Zasmi Arel_IMG_4554-2

Zasmi Arel_IMG_4548-2

Zasmi Arel_IMG_4589-2

Zasmi Arel_IMG_4616-2

Zasmi Arel_IMG_4652-2

Zasmi Arel_IMG_4596-2

Zasmi Arel_IMG_4654-2


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